10/20 – A Day in The Life

Great session with my primary care doc. She’s been following it all through the online medical records, and was particularly fascinated with my experience with the JP drain and catheter.  I went off Paxil a week or so after the surgery, and hadn’t noticed any negatives, but thought I should restart it. She asked me what protocol I was using to ramp, and then approved it.
Got a PT referral to improve the chances of getting a prescribed TENS unit – great for muscle strengthening and superb for leg cramps.

Will give me an introduction to one of the faculty in the UCSF Medical Humanities program (narrative medicine interest,and library access to some medical speculations about Goodwin Wharton, treasure hunter, speaker to faerie, and Lord of the Admiralty.)

Asking the Experts

Dear Pastor Jackson,

Good morning, sir. My name is Greg Norman Burton, and my partner’s name is Rosa Maria Quinones, legally Rose Marie White. The only reason you might possibly know either of us is that I blog for Golden State of Mind under the nickname Rasput10. The other writers at that blog bear no responsibility for our statements, nor does that network.

We write you today, in public, to ask for your help in solving our dilemma. We owe our lives to the people of San Francisco – literally and actually. That is also true for two national individuals – Representative Nancy Pelosi and President Barrack Obama. This is also true for the Golden State Warriors. At one more remove, we owe our lives to all the people of the United States of America.

Willing or unwilling, the entire country has literally and figuratively redeemed us.

The Warriors – and you – make the list because Rosa and I have been inspired through our ordeal by a team huddle chant, and you were the coach of that team.
We’re all we’ve got – we’re all we need.
 Warriors Open Practice 10-13-12
Now, I have the mental trait of making connections where none exist. It’s the ability to recognize patterns, as a pathology.

In my case it led to a pathological fear of being a false messiah. Not a fear of being the Messiah – I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t believe in Messiahs. Realizing that was part of the cure. The other part was realizing, as the saying goes, it’s not my business what anyone thinks of me.

These are our true experiences, at this moment. In this, after agreement with Rosa, I am by the nature of my current consciousness, compelled to tell you:

On behalf of the people of the United States who we owe the debt of life, we want you to judge our situation, our assertions about it, and ourselves. We assert that this is the beginning of the change. Right here, right now. Today is the heart of the harvest.

Today is National Coming Out Day
Today is Eleanor Roosvelt’s Birthday
Today is Tiferet of Sukkot.

I sit here today and set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose.

Not by might, not by power, but by spirit alone shall I save you.

As you do to the least of them, so you do to me.
In peace,
Greg and Rosa

The Most Privileged Old White Man In the World

Editor’s Note: I just told Greg that the following makes him sound “seriously batshit crazy”. It has all the hallmarks of schizophrenic writing. I’m too tired to edit him into something that sounds less madman; all of this really has happened as far as I can tell. Greg tells a consistent story, and whenever I meet people, they confirm rather than deny his facts. I asked myself, “Self, what will you say to someone who asks, ‘Rosa, why on EARTH have you not had this poor man committed?'” and then I said back, “Well, Self, he does seem to be.  telling the truth.” So there’s that. — Rosa M.Q.
In the course of writing this, Rosa (as my editor) asked me who I think my audience is, at this point. So I told her – President Barack Obama. One of two things is true, at this point in the narrative – either he knows who I am – by name – or he doesn’t. Either way is bad news for someone.
If he does, then all the surveillance fears are true. If he doesn’t then all the security fears are true. Either way, he’s in a double bind. In public.
She also asked me why I’m doing this on Facebook. That’s another post all to itself.

stalling again, ’cause you all are so fascinating and have such great stories.